Interesting week: Nokia event & Google Christmas Party

Last Sunday Nokia invited me to a special event with Maroon 5 in a very fancy bar in Milan. There were not a lot of people and I received a signed copy of the last Maroon 5's album. Needless to say I did not have a clue who the Maroon 5 were before attending the event.

Yesterday night I attended the super-exclusive Google Christmas Party in Milan. The bar was too small for all the people dressed to kill. Since it was not so special as we thought, we had few free drinks and we left early (Google gave us a black Google Moleskine). The night was not wasted because I finally met one of my "virtual friend": Marco Montemagno, CEO of Blogosfere and Sky TV presenter. A very nice and humble guy; check one of his best presentation on Presentation Zen (in Italian, sorry).