The best subnotebook PC : Asus Eee PC 4G

First, what is a subnotebook?
In its most essential configuration the subnotebook is trimmed down to just a display, a keyboard, a hard drive, and a few vital data ports. The end result is incredibly compact, lightweight, highly portable and expandable. When drives are needed they can be added by simply connecting a USB cable.

The Asus Eee PC is the smallest subnotebook PC on the market, and probably the best value for money deal in the planet.


* CPU: 900 Mhz Intel Mobile Celeron
* Video: Intel GMA 900
* Display: 7" LCD widescreen at 800x480
* Storage: 4GB internal flash
* OS: Custom Xandros-based Linux
* RAM: 512MB
* Optical drive: None
* Networking: Atheros AR5007EG wireless, 10/100 ethernet

The Eee PC may be designed to appeal to children and older customers, but it should also tempt anyone looking for a lightweight budget PC that weighs next to nothing and connects to the Internet easily. It is ten times simpler to use than any Windows machine, starts up twice as fast, and is only about a fifth of the cost of other systems in its weight class (Sony and Apple Air f.i.).
The Eee runs Xandros Linux, Jumbo icons let you launch a web browser, Skype, office apps, all separated by tabs to let you know if it's "Work," "Play," "Internet," and so on.

It's an excellent secondary computer for households with children, and it's a very good primary computer for novice PC users who never had the time or patience to master an operating system. I am definitely going to buy it for my parents ($400 in US, 299€ in Europe).