Presenteeism : a comment from Cali and Jodi

Cali and Jodi are wo social visionaries and workplace activists that are revolutionizing the relationship between employers and the people who get the work done.

They left a very interesting and polite comment on my previous post "The High cost of presenteeism" which I publish below.

Although we agree with all of your tips (and would love to see people use them!), we would argue that presenteeism will be a problem until the structure of ‘work’ changes. Until we change our beliefs about how work needs to happen, this country will continue to lose billions every year due to presenteeism.

As long as people that come to work sick are rewarded, we’ll have a problem. As long as people that stay home when they’re sick get judged (“Can you believe Jack took ANOTHER sick day?!), we’ll have a problem. As long as people need to use their sick days as ‘mental health’ days and not have any more sick days when they’re really sick, we’ll have a problem. As long as there is a limit on ‘sick days’, we’ll have a problem.

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