Google's marketing problem

Yahoo! plans to launch Open Search, which will let site owners display multimedia content such as images directly onto Yahoo!'s search results page.
Yahoo! will allow site owners to choose, build and present the information they want to feature on the results page.

"Website owners like Yelp, WebMD, The New York Times, and anyone else can supply us with their data and [we will] ensure these results are presented to users at the right time," Yahoo! explains on its search blog. Instead of the simple text links currently featuring on its search page, the idea is for results to include reviews, images and videos. Users, however, will not be able to alter the ranking of their results on the page.

Google has been doing the same for ages.
Nobody knows about subscribed links, but everyone is happy and blogging about Yahoo! OpenSearch.
Marketing only have so many hands, and can only support so many products.
Look at, see for youself; there are a load of features for each product which have relatively low visibility (have you ever heard of business search on maps ?).