Google's mistake: Bell wrong logo

Today I have noticed a Google logo in honor of Alexander Graham Bell, the alleged inventor of the telephone.
I am sorry Mr Google, this time you are wrong. The real inventor of the telephone is Antonio Meucci. On the past June 15th, 2002, the US Congress officially recognized that the italian inventor Antonio Meucci is to be credited for the invention of the telephone, and not Alexander G. Bell, as so far claimed. This was the end of a long controversy, started when a poor italian immigrant in New York sold the prototypes of his invention to a Telegraph company, that later gave them to Alexander G. Bell, who in turn patented the invention of the phone.
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Folletto Malefico said...

It was Bell's anniversary, not telephone invention's anniversary or meucci anniversary.

So, I can't see where is the problem. Bell started an industry based on the phone, and they choose that icon to depict him.

Disrupting Innovation said...

To Folletto: Thank you for your comment Folletto. It certainly was Bell's anniversary, but they could have probably avoided to put the telephone on it, since he did not invent it.