Weak iPhone sales in Europe

There might be a bunch of reasons:

1. It's not (yet) 3G, and Europeans have a different choices of 3G phones to compare it too (Nokia in primis). Edge Technology is not common in Europe

2. The iPhone is locked to one carrier, and while Americans are used to buying phones directly from the carrier, unlocked phones and prepaid service are more common in Europe.

3. iPhone is just too expensive in Europe. In France, for example, it costs 399 Euros (640$) to buy an 8 gig iPhone from Orange. Many Europeans are buying a $399 iPhone in the States, through friends who are visiting the U.S. and then unlock it.

4. Lack of GPS and poor camera quality.

5. It is marketed as a social phone in Europe, and not a business tool, so they are well behind RIM here in the corporate market.