Windows Mobile 7 : a revolutionary change ?

I was reading this article from Microsoft BlogNews Channel and I could not notice few things.

Before Apple came up with a product that swallowed a big part of the market, all mobile OS improvements were fairly incremental(and disappointing) : Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian.

The article says that Windows Mobile 7 is a revolutionary change, but they forgot to mention that Microsoft don't actually have a product yet. They are announcing something today that's going to ship in 2009. In the meantime we are
being shown mock-ups that are supposedly better than the market leader.

In this case they seem to be glossing over some pretty hard problems:

- using computer vision to recognize gestures reliably enough and
efficiently enough to be the primary input mechanism for a low power
- writing multi-ui (touch/stylus/normal input) versions of all the
standard WinMobile apps

What's more this document assumes that in 2009 they'll still be
competing against iPhone 1.0 rather than iPhone 5.0.
Sorry Bill, this is just a pre-announcing not-working strategy. Think again.