Why McDonald french fries taste so good ?

I love McDonald's french fries, McDonald's fries taste great regardless who made them because McDonald's has a great system that works, for all its employees, regardless of where they are.
Why are they so good?
The answer is Artificial Flavour.
The aroma of a food can be responsible for as much as 90 percent of its taste.

The act of drinking, sucking, or chewing a substance releases its volatile gases. They flow out of your mouth and up your nostrils, or up the passageway in the back of your mouth, to a thin layer of nerve cells called the olfactory epithelium, located at the base of your nose, right between your eyes. Your brain combines the complex smell signals from your olfactory epithelium with the simple taste signals from your tongue, assigns a flavor to what's in your mouth, and decides if it's something you want to eat.

But this is not the purpose of the article...the purpose of the article is this YouTube video and I am not going to eat McDonald french fries anymore.


tbert said...

Gross! Thanks for showing this.