Year 2010 according to Raymond Kurzweil

Raymond Kurzweil is an inventor and futurist. He has been a pioneer in the fields of optical character recognition (OCR), text-to-speech synthesis, speech recognition technology, and electronic keyboard instruments.
Here are his predictions:

* Supercomputers will have the same raw power as human brains (although not yet the equivalently flexible software).

* Computers will disappear as distinct physical objects, meaning many will have nontraditional shapes and/or will be embedded in clothing and everyday objects.

* Full-immersion audio-visual virtual reality will exist.

* High-quality broadband Internet access will become available almost everywhere ( I do not presonally agree)

* Glasses that beam images onto the users' retinas to produce virtual reality will be developed. They will also come with speakers or headphone attachments that will complete the experience with sounds (I already saw and tried a prototype of this)

* The VR glasses will also have built-in computers featuring "virtual assistant" programs that can help the user with various daily tasks. (Augmented Reality)

* Virtual assistants would be capable of multiple functions. One useful function would be real-time language translation in which words spoken in a foreign language would be translated into text that would appear as subtitles to a user wearing the glasses.

* Cell phones will be built into clothing and will be able to project sounds directly into the ears of their users.

* Advertisements will utilize a new technology whereby two ultrasonic beams can be targeted to intersect at a specific point, delivering a localized sound message that only a single person can hear. This was already demonstrated in the films Minority Report and Back to the Future 2.

* The author of this blog will be 37 years old (I am sure about this)