Hulu to replace YouTube ?

I found an interesting article on the future relationship between Hulu and YouTube. I particurarly like the following line:

That's not to say that Hulu will ever supplant YouTube. On the contrary, I suspect that they will ultimately develop an interesting symbiotic relationship with each other, with YouTube being the home of the homemade, the obscure and the populist, with Hulu (or another site like it) aggregating the professional-grade productions from movie and television studios. That's not a bad combination for us consumers

What do you think ?
I think Hulu will eventually replace TV, not YouTube. It is about content. Hulu overlaps with the content type that people put on TV, it is a different distribution medium for it with greater reach that airwaves. YouTube is most community-generated content (along with pirating) and that makes its content different. With Hulu, the pirated content on YouTube may disappear, but I think that is what the guys at YouTube want in the first place.

The ideal is that people anywhere in the world should be able to see any content they want, without the limitation of IP banned websites like Hulu. It has been a long time that I have been waiting for this. It seems silly that cable companies in US sell you "channels". What people want to see are shows, I do not think people really care whether its Fox, ABC, NBC or whatever. It is about the shows. A good show is a good show no matter which channel broadcasts it.