Better manage your inbox

In order to better manage with your full inbox you need to know the 4 Ds of Email Management.

For each email you receive you have to do one of the following 4 actions:

1) Delete it = it isn't relevant to you or should be deleted after a quick scan

2) Do it = Do it now - before you read the next email. Any item that takes less than 2 minutes to complete should be done now.

3) Delegate it = Have somebody else do it - so forward on the request

4) Date/Time Action it = This is the most difficult scenario to manage! Not all emails can be actioned immediately, nor should they be. It may be an email related to checking on a status of something a month from now, or will take a significant amount of time that needs to be reserved in your calendar. Most people take the approach that outstanding mails would be marked as "Unread" and hopefully checked again tomorrow (I am one of them). But most become buried in the sea of incoming emails the next day and lost or not actioned. To deal with these emails read the next posts.