Prioritize your tasks now !

No matter how good you think you are - you can only work on one single thing at any one time. And that one thing you decide to work on is the highest priority item to you at that time. Somehow in your decision making process you have come to the conclusion that the particular item is the highest priority possible. I

Get a notebook and do the following:

i) First thing in the morning, take 5 minutes and write down all your outstanding tasks on a piece of paper

ii) Rank each task with the following letters
a. A - is the urgent and important items that need to be taken care of
b. B - is the medium and semi-important tasks
c. C - is the low priority items that are not urgent nor important.

iii) The "A's" are the tasks that need to be completed first.

iv) Rank all the A's with a number 1, 2, 3, ... And down through the B's and C's too.

v) Your Priority list is now ranked as A1, A2, ...An, B1, B2, .... Bn, C1, C2, ... Cn.

vi) Complete you tasks in order throughout the day in the order they are in your list, and add new ones as they come up

vii) Always carry your paper task list with you to meetings etc to have it handy.

viii) The next morning, start over. Take 5 minutes and write down all outstanding tasks and rank them as A, B and C, etc...

Enjoy it and be more productive from tomorrow !