Skype on iPhone : the killer application ?

Finally Skype has arrived on the most expensive and trendy phone on the planet. Who cares?
A lot of us actually care, because we are all eager to make free or cheap phone call to everyone, everywhere...but is it really worth ?

There are two main issues that make me think this is just half of a great project. You can only make calls while you are on a wi-fi network. Apple's restrictions on the use of its software development kit mean that Voip applications cannot use the 3G network. This is not a minor limitation.

The other main issue is that all iPhones, by default, do not allow you to have more than one application open at the same time. This means that your Skype friends will not probably be able to get you on the phone unless you happen to be in the app exactly when they call.

What might make it into a killer application is free video calls - which aren't available on any device right now, according to my knowledge. But for that to happen on an iPhone, it would need a new camera on the front of the phone and I do not think Apple is going to build it only for us to enjoy free video calls.